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Dollars & Change connects small-dollar donors with candidates in national, state, and local elections. We are a non-partisan platform supporting Republican candidates, Democratic candidates, and Independent candidates.
Use our website to find Presidential candidates, Senate candidates, U.S. House candidates, and Governor candidates, then easily donate to multiple candidates through secure processing by Democracy Engine.
We're committed to empowering small-dollar donors in their support of candidates in 2019 elections, 2020 elections, and beyond.

Dollars and Change is a private organization connecting small-dollar donors with candidates of all parties and affiliations. We are a joint venture between political consultancy MFStrategies and creative technology firm Mainstream Media.

When you make a donation through our website, your contributions are earmarked for the particular candidates and amounts that you select, and then delivered via check to each candidate's campaign.

We accept credit and debit card payments through secure processing by Democracy Engine. We are required by law to collect your address and employment information as part of federal and state reporting requirements. We share this information with each candidate you donate to so they can properly report your donation. Your card details are NEVER shared with anyone.

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